Hanging upside down
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Survival tips of the smallest

I just want to express my sincerest gratitude for all the sweet emails and kind words I’ve received since my other post.  I have used my blog as a vehicle to express what’s really going on, which means, I have made myself completely vulnerable to the moment that things are happening when I share.  With this, I’d like to say that things are fine, we’re doing okay.  I’m not in a puddle of despair and I’m positive that things are bound to make a shift for the better.  Seriously, I really feel this.

With that, this situation is all too familiar to me (emotionally) because I’ve been moving around so much the past 5 years.  It takes time to get settled and re-settled in every country.  I think this might be the biggest challenge that I’ve been up against though because I came here without an income or apartment.  Alas, I’m feeling honestly okay and though we’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us, we’ll manage someway.

Open Arms

Now is really the perfect time for me to just be open to things as they come, but of course, there’s a few things I’m also doing to not fall apart.

So a few tips for my basic survival:

  • Find something everyday to be grateful.  At the moment, it’s the beautiful tulips on the street, the knowledge that I have my boyfriend by my side and the amazing coffee bar I’m writing from. I love you Djänke! My fellow American readers, try pronouncing Djänke!
  • Exercise. Walking on the streets and my yoga practice has been a lifesaver.  Getting a bit of energy and blood flowing does wonders for a weak or tired mind/heart.  Be sure to go outside.  It’s easy to get small in yourself and think you’re the only thing that matters, go outside and you’ll see, you’re not alone.
  • Sit in silence.  Let yourself just sit for 10 minutes and breath.  Yes, you breathe all the time, but how often are you aware of your breathing, the sound, the length.  How about your posture, your shoulders?  Give yourself a few moments to sink into being present with yourself.
  • Care for yourself.  Typically, for me this is a time when I’d find myself indulging in sugar.  However, because I’m doing a project for Pine Tribe, so I’m avoiding refined sugar at all costs right now.  This also includes avoiding the consumption of alcohol and I’m reducing my intake of caffeine.  Eat fresh food and your brain and body will function better under stress.
  • Meet Friends. Not so you can wallow in self pity and complain, but so you can share what’s happening.  Additionally, familiar faces offers a lot of support, even if you don’t feel like airing all your garbage.
  • Making New Friends

    Meeting friends within the is a great way to handle the waves in life

  • Do something familiar that is completely enjoyable and can be done from home.  For me, I love watching films.  I’m a huge film fanatic.  So, I like to unwind with a good movie or TV show.  Perhaps a better choice would be to pick up a book and read, but there’s just so many great TV shows out there right now, I can’t bring myself to do it!  Remember, home should be a safe place, not a place to avoid, even if alone.


Hanging upside down

Also, the woman we live with has a soft heart.  She has been trying to approach us since the “blow-out.”  After sort of avoiding being in the apartment since Monday, I decided that this was really immature.  We both are very sensitive, my boyfriend and I, and we forgive quickly.  So, I offered to give her a hug yesterday and with that the situation here melted.

We’re still going to move out though🙂.  Time for yoga and then a road trip!



6 thoughts on “Survival tips of the smallest

  1. from France says:

    What a joy! I’m really happy to read this! What a journey since I read you, from this photo that serves as your Logo Yoga N’Spice and now! You left off, physically and mentally, a great adventure you shared, moment by moment, and today I read this: joy. Not an ephemeral and fleeting joy, but joy, deep, sincere, born of attention to what is, simply, …You’re this … You prove here that “behind the clouds there are always a thousand suns” (indian proverb), and that “valiant heart nothing is impossible” (french quote). I am now certain that whatever events you reserve life, you live with open arms, senses immersed in motionless eternity of moment’s movements. Congratulations! I am very happy for you and you two!


    • So nice to hear from you, it’s been a long time. I remember “you” from your comments and your writings. Yes, it’s not always easy to embrace life with open arms, but I’m trying🙂. It’s a perpetual effort that I hope will one day be effortless!


      • from France says:

        I can hardly imagine it without effort or at least without a perpetual desire but without voluntary commitment… just want to be what happen… just be what happen…just be…be😉


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