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Rough Beginnings Again

Things haven’t been easy of late. Talk about a rough beginning: a new country, a new culture, a new job, new friends, new housing, what more could you mix together at one time?

For a quick update, allow me to compartmentalize my life into a few details:


Apartment in Central Malmö

Our old school apartment in Malmö, Sweden

I haven’t lived in the same place for more than 3 months in over 2 years. I’m sick of moving. We had made the hasty and poor decision to move in with a grandma. It seemed ideal at the time, she was nice and said we’d each live our own lives and not get too involved. However, it’s been on her terms since the beginning. The house has such a heavy energy, from everything from the mismatched decorations to the floral choice of dishware.  But, it’s not the decor that makes the space hard. Upon moving in, we weren’t aware that she smoked. To my understanding she didn’t mention it because she thought we wouldn’t smell it since she smoked on the balcony. Not the case.

A huge factor is that our schedules are the opposite, which she thinks is unusual on our part. I found out she’s my Dad’s age, when I had guessed it to be at least 10 years older. My Dad is on a routine though, he goes to bed at a decent hour and thinks sleeping in is 7:30 am. Fair enough, we go to sleep rather early. It’s 8pm most nights because we get up early (somewhere around 4am) to do yoga and teach. However, she has no routine, other than sitting (or laying) on the couch, glued to the TV,watching classics like Dr. Phil, Rich Housewives of New York or somewhere else, and Gordon Ramsey. This couch party starts around 5 pm to some hour deep into the night. Some days she goes to sleep at 4 or 5 am and then typically never emerges from her bedroom until around 2 or 3 pm. I must say, it’s not often I meet someone who sleeps as many if not more hours than they’re awake.

Either way, there have been nice moments, but everything fell apart recently in regards to something that in my opinion could’ve easily been resolved: booking times for the laundry. A bit of an explosion in Swedish later, we were asked to move out by the end of May. We’ve decided to try to move out sooner, which has caused a bit of stress on our end lately. Albeit, we already had an apartment that we’re waiting to move into at the end of June, but needing to find a place in the meantime will change our lives a bit.

Luckily, someone we know has generously offered to share their home with us and we’re so grateful. They’ve got a beautiful home, a great energy, and an awesome cat!


Pine Tribe

I’m interning with Pine Tribe!!  The downside is that it’s an unpaid internship, however, I’m getting loads of experience and I love the people I work with and the company.  I’m realizing more and more that copywriting and content marketing is something that I absolutely love.

Presently, I’m looking for part-time work, but it’s hard to balance everything with yoga and our business.

Yoga n’ Spice.

Yoga N' Spice
Did I mention that starting your own business is hard?  I had attended a business networking event and realized two things 1) I need to learn Swedish and 2) I have no idea how to run a business.

We’d started Yoga N’ Spice rather naively as we had sort of thought “Ohhh we’ll just share our passion for yoga and food.”  We had no plan and no money to back our project.  We had simply assumed we’d make a few calls and it would work itself out.  NOT TRUE.

Some friends had offered to get us started and took a few photos and even launched a website. But, now that the site is up, we are not sure how to manage it.  Our “business” has become a bigger concept than us and now we have the pressure to do something with it. But, we are not business people. My boyfriend has no background in business, communications, or economics. Basically, the best I’ve been able to manage is designing some lousy flyers, business cards and posting strange stuff on FB, Twitter and Instagram. Keep in mind, 3 months ago, we’d never even used Twitter or Instagram.

I told a friend that after the business event that I’d attended that I hadn’t realized we were entrepreneurs. A smile rose on his face as he asked enthusiastically, ‘how did that make you feel? Were you proud?’ My response, “No! I’m terrified, this wasn’t what I thought I was doing!”

Long story short, our efforts at the moment have felt in vain. With little response, and no turnover, we’re both at a loss for how to get Yoga N’ Spice off the ground – or rather, off of our mat.


I love Yoga Kaohsiung

Ashtanga Workshop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. October 2013.

Not that it needs mentioning, but if the tone if this current post isn’t preparing you for what I’m about to write, you’ll figure it out now. Starting a morning Mysore program has been rough and at the end of our second month, it’s been unsuccessful. I know many friends who’ve started Mysore programs and have warned of the difficulties at the beginning. I guess I didn’t really understand it, especially when we’re sort of relying on some of that work to bring us a little income.

In truth, there has been an interesting discourse of internal dialogue that has been playing itself out quite regularly lately. Thoughts of inadequacy plant themselves deep on a daily basis and the effort of waking up before dawn to teach one student seems vain at the moment. I can’t believe the amount of pounding I’ve been giving my self-esteem lately. I’ve got to make a change and it has to happen now.

Spring in Malmö

Spring is finally in Sweden

The good news is that spring is really here now.  I also have to get back to writing for Pine Tribe, but wanted to share the latest.  To also seem overly down, I have made a niche in the community here with friends.  I’ve heard it’s not easy breaking into the network of friend’s here, but I’d have to say it’s doing okay for me.

We’re off to Stockholm this weekend to finally move the remainder of our things down south.  I’m kind of looking forward to the lengthy road trip with my awesome boyfriend.  It will be nice to just drive for awhile.


6 thoughts on “Rough Beginnings Again

  1. Anne says:

    Tiffany! Our birthdays are coming up. To a new year and adventure ahead. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I am inspired by your efforts! Peace to you


  2. Girl, I just read this! Since i have been offline I am a bit late and had no idea. I am so sorry things have been so tough. You know Paul and I are here for you both, we regard you as family. We have much to discuss and share. Let’s skype when you get from Stockholm. xo


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