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Yoga N’ Spice

The long wait has finally paid off.  I got my residency to Sweden after a dealing with year of sitting in the dark about the decision.  Apparently, the woman that we had been contacting who was dealing with our case quit in the sometime last autumn.  I’m not sure if my case was buried under a pile of others or if it was forgotten in some lost corner, but my partner finally got in touch with someone higher up.  The man basically said, “Well, cases are taking a long time, but this is one (referring to mine) of the oldest cases we have.”

After that,  the ball got rolling very quickly.  I was assigned a case manager and then was told I needed to leave Sweden in order to process my visa.  After a short flight over to Scotland, we received an email that my residency had been approved!  Despite my many frustrating moments over the past year, thank you, thank you Migrationsverket for granting me my residency!  Seeing as it had only been a year, after receiving the hard copy of my residency card, I decided it was also an appropriate time to finally cut my hair.

My residency card!

My residency card!

Residency CHECK!

Next on list: Securing employment and Housing

In Sweden, it’s not so rare to have your own company or company name.  It doesn’t mean you own a building or have employees either.  Since the taxes are so high, having your own company can be useful for many situations, especially those  you can write off on your taxes.  Admittedly, I’ve been feeling a bit like a lost soul, wandering around the world.  More specifically over the past 2 years, I have felt as if my creativity has been at a complete standstill.

All is not lost and goodness is it amazing when life gets back into gear! I’ve had this rush of inspiration, creativity, and the drive to accomplish it all.  While I have thoroughly been enjoying teaching within yoga studios, I’ve really wanted explore ways to bring yoga into the business and athletic world.  The thing is, within the yoga/vegetarian/vegan community, I’m typically exposed to extremes.  People tend to be concerned, if not preoccupied, with their diets, cleansing, purifying, and so on and so forth.  They talk as if drinking and eating meat, or eating in general, is a thing of the past, and for a good majority of them it is.  But, what about how the majority of the rest of the world lives?

I meet those who say “ohhh wow, I could never do that (daily 90 min yoga practice) with my work schedule.”  There are those who wish they could take yoga classes, but are consumed with familial obligations, full time jobs, and late night social lives.  There are also those who don’t want to become spirituality dignified, super hippy-fied (is that a word?), and prefer to remain stupefied in their lives.  Yet, who doesn’t want to be a little healthier and feel a little bit better?  Who wouldn’t want to lighten up their load with a few changes, all the while, not having to completely renounce the world.

Well, those are the people I want to reach.

And herein we launch our lifestyle concept: Yoga n’ Spice.

We’re promoting experiencing life in a more balanced way.  Like I said, the goal of samadhi and enlightenment isn’t for everyone in this life.  Some people really just enjoy doing yoga for the physical benefits and I’m happy to bring about that experience to individuals.  I know there’s talk that yoga should or shouldn’t ruin your life.  In many ways, yoga can ruin your life and it has done that to mine at times.  Of course, there are many obvious physical and mental benefits to not waking up with a hangover or choosing to eat earlier or healthier.  However, I can’t help but think about the many lives out there who don’t really think like this.  Thus, if you aren’t that percentage who is ready and willing to make the leap to relinquishing your life, then we want to reach you.

Undoubtedly, if you’re wanting to make a serious lifestyle change, do yoga nonstop, change your diet, and mindset, we’d love to support you on that journey as well.

But, I get it.

There’s already loads of teachers who can support people like this.  Allow me to rephrase: there are already loads of amazing teachers out there who can change your life if you are really willing to make a complete 180.

Bhujapidasana photo courtesy of

Basically, you can think of us as the people who are happy and stoked to get you to do a 90 degree change.  Thereafter, if you want to commit to doing more, we’ll totally stand by and support you too!

Our concept is about some yoga, some spice, and all the bits that are nice with balancing it all.  We’ll share our inspiration from yoga, food, travels and day to day living.  Additionally, I’ll be hopping on the social media train full steam ahead and writing more frequently.

Note: this is my side business that I’m working to expand.  We’re creating an outreach program and will be working towards bringing yoga to offices and athletes.  I still am on the quest for a “job.”

Coming soon: Housing and our Morning Mysore Program


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