Grunnerlokka, Olaf Ryes Plass
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Surrender ahead

Grunnerlokka, Olaf Ryes Plass

My boyfriend broke his foot.  3 hours at the hospital was enough for us to decide that we were ready to end our cleanse.  Ingesting ghee every morning was making me so nauseous and exhausted.  However, the plus side of the kitchari cleanse?  MONEY!!!  You save big time on food spending.  I was so ready to end the cleanse though and so sick of eating rice and lentils.  However, I’d like to say that I did notice a difference, though maybe subtle.

The weather has been gradually warming up over the past weeks.  The countdown has started, again though.  I leave for Scotland in less than 2 days and Taiwan in a little over 2 weeks.

I’ve been running into a few unexpected obstacles of late, as always seems to be the case with travel.  As a US citizen, visiting Taiwan isn’t as simple as hopping on a plane and automatically getting a 90-day Tourist Visa.  Okay, it’s quite close to this.  I wasn’t aware until quite recently that I would need at least 6 months left on my passport in order to be granted this 90-day visa option upon arrival in Taipei.  Unfortunately, my passport happens to expire in September, leaving me with only 5 months left.

As a result, I had to get an emergency/temporary passport that’s valid for 1 year.  This seemed convenient as I could apply for a regular passport once I arrived stateside in June.  However, this will cause problems if my partner cohabitation visa is granted for Sweden in the meantime.  My “temporary” passport will not work .  We’ll see if I can get my passport in Taiwan…

Words to the wise about travel:

  • Make sure you check visa regulations for the country you’re planning to visit at least one month in advance

In the meantime, while it’s still cold, the snow has started to melt as the sun has begun to radiate strongly.  Spring is coming, people are coming out of their shells.  On the flip side, sadness has begun to set in for me.  I will miss my boyfriend a lot.  3 1/2 more months apart.  Long distance relationships grow another muscle.

While I can’t help but feel a lot of hope and joy for what awaits, there is an undeniable fear about the time apart and how things will come together with the upcoming future.  Truth be told, I realize that whatever thoughts I might be experiencing aren’t really worth fighting.  It’s now a time to surrender as I learn to exercise patience during this period of waiting.  It’s also time to surrender to faith as there are a lot of great things ahead.

Farewell Norway, thank you for the past 3 months.


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