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Holiday Entertaining

Everyone knows that hosting a party, any sort of party can be stressful.  For some reason, the ones around the holidays induce a sort of frenzy, but its important to make the time before the event just as much of fun, so you can enjoy the event itself.

I think our Thanksgiving feast for our Scottish friends was a success.  It was so nice to prepare an experience for others, especially when people have no idea what to expect.

Things to note about entertaining around the holidays:

1. Stay inspired and plan ahead.  This involves shopping and preparing food days in advance.  Hosting a party is much more fun with  people who keep in light and last weekend was with my friend (Below: Sarah and I shopping at Waitrose).


The stress of the holidays can kill the spirit, so stay motivated and stimulated with cheer.  Mine involved Christmas inspiration from Nigella.  Sorry, not the best video link, but get a good copy and you’ll be dazzled!

2. Prepare food properly.  The Scottish hate brussels sprouts.  My argument: if the food was cooked and seasoned well, then it will be dumbfoundedly good.  The typical Scottish way of cooking brussels sprouts is to boil them like crazy, which not only depletes the guys of their nutrients, it also makes for a horrible, bland taste.  For ours, we roasted them with olive oil, salt and pepper and put them into the oven on 200 C.  I thought they tasted pretty good, but I should’ve roasted them a wee bit more.

3. Don’t buy canned cranberry sauce. Never. Ever.  There’s too many amazing recipes.  My Dad has some recipe and I have no idea where it came from.  As I’m of Chinese decent, I can promise that it didn’t come from an old family recipe.  Although, it would be kind of cool to say it did. PS. its not the best picture, but I’m wearing the red skinny jeans I bought from French Connection.

4. Pumpkin and Apple Pie is still awesome.  In fact, its even more amazing when its made for people who have never had it before or haven’t had much of it.

5. Don’t drink too much and be weary of the oven heat (or lack thereof).  I think that sentence explains itself.

6. Don’t feel guilty about eating a lot.  You only do it for this day (okay, maybe month) every year.  Worry about health and prosperity in the New Year, for now, enjoy pampering and indulging.  But, if you’re worried about the waistline, make lots of healthy veggie sides!

7.  Finally, the more the merrier.  Don’t spend the season alone, entertain and have fun!  Togetherness and love, that is what its all (always) about.  Happy Holidays!

The good photos courtesy of my lovely friend Eileen Hall.  The bad ones were courtesy of my horrible photography eye and old camera.


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