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I’d just like to say Kudos to French Connection.

Let’s rewind.  I’d had a rather disappointing experience with their in-store customer service, so much so that I kind of was turned off by shopping with them.  However, I really like a lot of their items and when I got news about an online discount, I got even more excited.

Thursday, I ordered my items early (9:10 am) so they’d ship out by 2pm. I paid the extra amount for express delivery so the items would arrive the next day.  I had a wine tasting event on Saturday and was contemplating getting all dolled up and wearing my new dress.  Dressing up has always been fun for me.  Even with all this yoga, I still like heels, skinny jeans, and sexy dresses.  Thinking all was good and merry, I ventured off to meet some friends for lunch at noon.  At 4pm, I arrived to the yoga shala and checked my email.

There had been some confusion between my billing and shipping address.  They needed confirmation of my billing address (as it is different from my shipping address) otherwise the items wouldn’t be sent out until next week.  I promptly called and gave the woman my correct information.  It was into the evening now and while I figured the items wouldn’t arrive by tomorrow (Friday), I still decided to ask when they’d be delivered.  She told me it wouldn’t arrive till Monday and that I’d still have to pay for shipping.

Can you imagine my disappointment?  I mean, I’d sort of paid extra to have it delivered the next day.  The woman contested that they’d tried contacting me.  To which I inquired, why hadn’t anyone tried contacting me on my mobile?  They did after all ask me for that information, but she said, “its easier getting in touch with people on email.”  Okay, yes and no.  If I’m sitting at home with my email open, then its easy, but how often do people just sit and refresh their emails every 30 seconds?

I told her I felt I shouldn’t to have to pay shipping since it wouldn’t be arriving on time.  She stuck with her statement that they had attempted to contact me…of course, I don’t think she knew it was at 1:57 pm.  Basically, I’d have had to have received that email and responded before 2 pm, so the items could’ve gone out for the 2 pm pick up.  She said the fault was not theirs (thus mine) and told me nothing could be done.  I recommended her making note of that in their system to which she replied, “yes, I’ll make a note of this in your account.”

No, I meant, make a note of this so this doesn’t happen to any other customer.

“Ohhh yes, thank you!’

Ridiculous.  Perhaps its my American nature, but I didn’t feel I should have to pay for shipping, especially since the items weren’t arriving on time and they’d made a lousy attempt at contacting me.  Upon arriving home that evening, I constructed a professional, but polite email stating my disappointment.  The situation put a sour taste in my mouth with French Connection.  While I love the quality of their items and a lot of their clothes, the way this was handled put me off from ever wanting to give them my business, or promote them to anyone else.

***DISCLAIMER***I know that picture above is a bit witty and satirical, but there are more important things than fashion. After my conversation with them, I had the impression that the company policy took this literally.  Forget the customers, fashion first!

All is not lost, the next morning, I got a very sincere email saying the fees for the shipping would be waived.

I’d like to state that I never wanted to be a pain about this and I wasn’t trying to get out of paying money, but I think it was fair to ask for the shipping fees to be waived.  Good customer service always puts a company over the top for me.  I’m not saying people should bend over backwards to make the customer happy because sometimes the customer is most definitely crazy (yes, I have restaurant and retail sales experience), but treating the person well and just is an important feature of a great company.

Thank you Jessica for your help, I will most definitely be shopping with FCUK again.

BTW, those initials rub me the wrong way…sorry if they offend anyone.


2 thoughts on “FCUK

  1. OMG, I totally had a customer service issue this week too!! I cancelled my order I was so upset. What is up with people and companies? Dont they know there are tons of us looking for work that would do a fantabulous job! You should do a photo shoot of your new clothes!!


    • Good for you for canceling! I think I’d get sucked into keeping it and then feeling stupid about it later. It’s disappointing when there are people who are desperate for work and would be doing such a wonderful job and lousy people have the position. Something will turn up!!!🙂

      Ya, that’s a good ideafashion shoot with my new clothes. Hmmmm…


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