(Posting this a day early, but I didn’t want it to get lost in the chaos of New Years celebrations and resolutions)

Separated by age, distance, travel and culture,

You’ve persevered through my doubts and various time zones.

Developed through hundreds of emails, tons of hand written letters, loads of phone calls, texts and air mileage,

You’ve shown me unconditional love, support and dedication.

A sharing of five countries (so far), amazing meals, laughs, tears, bad movies, horrible wine, unusual stories

and of course, beautiful captured moments…


I know I’m not perfect.

I know I still have lifetimes to learn about compassion and love.

I know I still have to learn to accept and support you in all the ways you need,

but I think you’re magnificent.

I love being with you.

You make me smile and you hold me when I cry.

My parents always wanted someone who’d love me for me and who’d bring out the best in me.

I can’t wait for all the beautiful, passionate, and precious moments ahead.

Happy 2 Years!!

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